BlogFEST 2012: Vacations – Relaxing or Exhausting

I’ve had some pretty amazing vacations over the years. I spent the better part of my childhood going to Florida almost every year. Sometimes it was during the Christmas holidays, other times it was during Easter break or right after school let out. My family traveled in a small RV…not like the big ones you see on the road today, big enough to fit a growing family of four and a dog.
We all had our spots to sit in. I was relegated to siting at the mock kitchen table, which later folded down into my bed. I racked up thousands of miles in that seat – from Wisconsin to Florida and back; to Michigan and back and all points in between and as far west as the Mississippi River and all the way east to Pennsylvania.
I have tons of photos from those trips…but not in digital format. They are in the old fashioned print format, and someday I really must dig them out to transfer them to digital. They all represent fond memories of long ago. There were times I really hated those vacations. I was bored with nothing to do on those drives and I didn’t get to see much except for a lot of fast whizzing scenery out the side window. Probably the reason I get car sick these days…all those years looking out that darn window.
I think the vacations stopped when I started working and moved out of the house. I was on my own and had to make my own fun. I finally had a car and made my first real trip all by myself from Racine, WI to New Holstein, WI to see my college girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in a really long time. It was a whole 100 miles and I drove it with a busted speedometer in the winter. My mom didn’t want me to go, but I just had to get away so I went and hoped that I wouldn’t get busted for speeding. For the record, I made it there and back without any problems…except for the non-functioning speedometer!
Right after I got married, my husband and I moved to Arizona. We spent our first few days of married life in a U-Haul pulling my car behind it. Oh what fun that was…Not (lol)! We spent the next several years vacationing all over Arizona and the west…have tent will travel! We saw so many wonderful places and again took numerous photos (non digital again!). Now we are vacationing again, but we’ve graduated to motels/hotels/B&B’s, with an occasional tent experience in between.
So…have my vacations been relaxing or exhausting? Depends…as a child, all I had to do was show up. So those were probably relaxing (except for those car…whoops!…I mean RV sick episodes!) These days, I have to pack and haul stuff out to the car. If we’re taking a camping trip, it’s even more complicated. So I’d classify these as exhausting but really exciting because the trips are becoming more enjoyable because I get to decide what we do most of the time!
Our next trip…actually I think we’re taking off for a couple of days right before the Christmas holiday to to take a short trip on the The Christmas Train! I can’t wait!

Wishing you moments to reminisce about great vacations and plan the next one!

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4 thoughts on “BlogFEST 2012: Vacations – Relaxing or Exhausting

  1. The Christmas train sounds like fun!! I am not much of a tent person–but you know I'd go on vacation anywhere with the hubster and the kiddos…but I might bring one of those blow up mattresses along!!

    Cheers, Jenn

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