BlogFEST 2012: A Weighty Issue

DISCLAIMER: The topic for today’s BlogFEST 2012 is a very sore subject for me. Please note that the following diatribe is NOT directed toward anyone who’s participating in this event (or reading this), but merely a post regarding the topic of obesity and how much having this subject thrown in my face time and again affects me. It is, indeed, a weighty issue.

I have never been very thin. I have always had curves. I have a big a$$. (There’s nothing I can do about that except have it surgically reduced; which I have thought about.) What I am really sick and tired of is the media, and the fashion industry telling “ME” what size I am suppose to be. Who died and left you all “GOD” when it comes to deciding what the “standard” sizes are? When did size “00” come into existence and become acceptable? Have you all lost your minds?!?!

Here are some personal facts:

  • I have never been nor will I ever be a size “00”.
  • I have struggled my whole life with weight issues. I don’t need to be reminded about it on a daily basis. Here’s a NEWS FLASH for you…I LIVE WITH IT ON A DAILY BASIS!
  • I don’t have children, so I can’t blame my “weighty issue” on that. However, have you ever asked any of us non-skinny women if perhaps there is a medical reason why we are not the stick figures you want us to idolize? Perhaps you should. It might enlighten you!
  • I currently work with a variety of doctors, therapists and health professionals to help me get healthy. It is a long and sometimes painful process. You have no idea what I have had to endure this last year.
  • I like to eat so I know that cutting calories drastically is not good for you. What I need to do is redirect my choices to more healthy ones. I am learning to do that. A lifetime of habits don’t get overturned in one night. It’s a long process and I’m trying to do better, but sometimes I fall off the wagon.
  • It’s taken a long time to accept myself for who I am. To be honest I haven’t always liked myself, much less, love myself. I’ve only recently came to this realization. The road to a newer, more healthier me is freshly paved and I am taking it slow as I travel on this new and un-chartered journey. 
  • BTW…everyone’s journey is un-chartered because we are all different. What works for you may not work for me. But I’ll find my way…on my own terms.

Seriously folks, I know there is a problem out there. But I can’t take it anymore! Clothing stores dedicated to the skinny populous, thin people on exercise dvds and elsewhere telling you to lift that leg higher. ENOUGH!

I have my own plan and it is working. Just leave me to it without throwing it back in my face every time I turn on the television or pick up a magazine.  I’ll never be tall (sorry, I’m only 5’3″ on a good day), never be blond (my brown hair is mostly gray, so I color it as dark as possible because I refuse to look old), or never be thin. All I can be is me…working toward overall health and happy with who I am.

On a final note…here is one of my favorite lines from the movie, The Incredibles:

“Supermodels. HA! Nothing super about them. Spoiled, stupid little stick figures with poofy lips who think only about themselves” – Edna Mode.

I am so glad I’m not a super model…I’d never survive being in the industry.

Wishing you moments to love yourself for who you are…

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4 thoughts on “BlogFEST 2012: A Weighty Issue

  1. Very well said Susan. You just love you– and work on getting healthy–which you are obviously doing. I don't supposed I'll ever be thin again either–but I do want to be healthy. Hopefully the two will jive someday πŸ™‚

  2. Skinny is NOT pretty and definitely NOT sexy. There, we got that out there!
    And I think you are doing just fine. As long as you are being honest with yourself, accepting yourself and making headway toward health…it's all good!


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