Book Signings and Commitments

Today’s Working Woman is so excited as she went to a book signing of a long-time favorite author of hers…Jennifer Chiaverini. She’s the writer of the Elm Creek Quilt series and from my home state of Wisconsin.

Jennifer is a warm, sincere and approachable for a writer. She writes about what she loves and is passionate about the subject. As a mom who two children, I don’t know how she has found the time to write 17 books.

After listening to her talk about her career and reading an excerpt from her new book being released in November, I am more excited now than ever to take my career to a whole new and different level.

I’ve been writing other people’s documents for years and now I want to forge ahead with my own personal writing career. Additionally, I want to read and review books as well as continue with my two blogs…Today’s Working Woman and Recipes for Today’s Working Woman.

My blogs are probably going to expand quite a bit and I hope to be able to share lots of new and exciting features moving forward. So I hope everyone can hang in there with me as I begin “construction” on several areas of both sites.

I am commited now, more than ever, to take this opportunity as far as I can and I hope that you will come along with me on this adventure!

Please be sure to check out my Book Club page. I’ve made quite a few updates there. Look for future updates coming on several more pages as well as to my Recipes for Today’s Working Woman page. My husband has had quite a few great ideas that he began to share with me this weekend.

P.S. I’ll post some pictures from the book signing soon!

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