I didn’t grow up with a cat for a pet, so it stands to reason that I am not a big cat lover. For the most part, I find them to be a fickle sort of creature that often walk around with a rock star/diva attitude. I don’t like the smell they leave when they mark their territories and really don’t like it when howl underneath my bedroom window all night long.

However, there are a few neighborhood cats that have gone out of their way to showcase some of the more redeeming qualities of their species. In turn, I have been more receptive to their overtures, and I’ve made it a point to learn to speak their language (don’t ask!).

So here are my new friends:

This is Kitty Girl. She was the first cat who made friends with me. She cornered the market for on my friendship for a very long time as she was the only one who showed me any interest. Now mind you, there have been several cats in the neighborhood, many of them feral, but Kitty Girl actually belongs to my neighbor and she has been very nice to me. Occasionally she gets a bit uppity, especially when her sister is around, but she has been the only one who has sat on my lap and let me scratch her behind her ears!

This is Ling, and she is Kitty Girl’s sister. Ling only likes to be greeted on her terms. She will run out and stand in front of you, speak, and then she will let you stroke her back. Most of the time it’s only once, but on occasion, you can sneak another one or two in there before she runs off.
Ling is definitely a cat with a regal presence.

This fellow is new to the neighborhood…well, new in the sense that the first time he appeared was this past Halloween. He was really drawn to me and always has time to stop by and say “Hello”. I speak to him more than the others. He gets me and I get him. BTW…his name is Trouble, but he is no trouble for me!

So far, these are the only cats that have ever made an attempt to be my friend. If things go well, I might just turn into a cat lover yet!

Wishing you moments of feline love!

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5 thoughts on “Cats

  1. Cats can be so cool– bond with the right one you'll be a cat lover for life. For me– I prefer dogs, but love cats too.

    Cheers, Jenn

  2. There is hope for you! lol Cats determine who is worthy of touching them, therefore, it speaks highly of you that they have chosen you!

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