Challenges and Changes

I am getting towards the end of meeting a challenge. It was a simple one really. Just post one thing a day on my blog for the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC). By doing so, I posted the link on the UBC Facebook Page, and then read the two posts immediately above mine.

It was a great way to get me back into writing and give others the opportunity to read some of my work. Although I had hoped to garner an increase in readership, I think the net result was zero. So while I have new followers, I lost some older ones. I had initially hoped to increase my readership, but I really think my ultimate goal was to actually write something every single day. And so for that reason, the UBC did its job; at least for me.

This has been a rewarding experience as it has helped to get my creative juices flowing. I’ve redesigned this website. The colors are similar but the page is even more classic. For the most part, I like classic and simple designs, so this new setup works for me. I liked the old design too, but the host where I got the designs is closing up shop and going away, which means my design goes away as well. I’ve also redesigned my recipes website, made it a bit more fun, and given it a new name! Look for In The Kitchen with Today’s Working Woman. I’ll be transferring all my recipes from my main site to the new one soon!

And, I have something new coming later this year. I’ll release it during the fourth quarter, just in time for all of the end of the year fun!

Wishing you moments to meet challenges and bring about new changes!

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2 thoughts on “Challenges and Changes

  1. I'm sorry to hear you've lost some readers. It could be posting every day has turned them off and I do fear that at times. It's why I'm going to hold back posting every day after this challenge.

    Great to hear that you love writing again and I do love this simple layout. Simple makes it so much easier to focus on the writing.


  2. I can't understand how you've lost readers… Maybe they are there but just reading at the same pace as before whereas you have increased the pace of your writing. I wish you all the best… That you will attract all the readers you desire πŸ™‚

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