Change within a Comfortable and Safe World

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It’s finally Fall! I love this time of year because it’s the beginning of My Season. Cooler temperatures, the harvest, yummy food, decorations, the holidays, creativity and giving all wrapped up into a nice little comfortable and cuddly package.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a creature of habit. I freely admit it. I have often wondered why this is and after much thought, and a lot of time, I have come up with only one possible and logical answer. I like to feel comfortable.

Growing up in a sheltered and protective environment afforded me the opportunity to create my own safe and comfortable world. Not much changed within this world and I was fairly happy. I found things that I liked to do, read, watch, eat, wear and I rarely strayed from them. Comfortable for me equals happiness. Truthfully, all I ever wanted is to be happy.

Now I am not afraid of change, as I’ve experienced a lot of it in my life. I got married, moved and started a new job all within a two-week period. But the truth is, no matter where I am, I always go back to my comfortable ways.

Predictable? Maybe. Boring? Never! Why do you ask? Because every once in awhile, I secretly like to shake things up. It’s one of my guilty pleasures! I’ll try something new and if I don’t like it, well…I don’t ever have to go back to it. My comfortable and safe world is none the worse for wear. If I do like it, then I have something new to enjoy along with the other things in my life that make me happy. And with everything that I have been thru this past year, I deserve to be happy!

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