Christmas Purge

Well, I finally did it. I finally went through the 20+ boxes of Christmas decorations and ornaments and did the big purge. It was very cathartic. Three hours and two lungs full of dust later, we finally managed to whittle the pile down to less than half the boxes we started out with. The husband is happy because we have more room in the garage. I am happy because I can finally move some of the stuff I’ve been storing in the house out to the garage. 
Best of all, I can actually have my own tree decorated with all my special ornaments that I have been collecting for years. All my Hallmark Special Edition Series ornaments…sigh…I’ve been waiting for years to do this!
I don’t feel bad about the purge, my tastes have changed and I only kept the stuff that really meant something to me. Everything else went to Goodwill as a donation so someone else can enjoy it for awhile. Also, I get to start collecting new stuff that is more in line with my current taste. I think I need to go shopping…online of course!
Wishing you moments to purge the old stuff!


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