Doing Something Different

something differentIt’s Day 9 of Christmas in July, and I have decided that I don’t have to do things the way I have always done them. I have heard that you have to shake things up once in awhile. Today I am doing something different for myself.

Making Changes

  1.  Sleep until I wake up before going to the laundromat. I don’t have to get up at the crack of stupidity just to get the laundry done. This small change will do my a world of good.
  2. Put away the clothes instead of leaving them in the baskets. Sometimes I get so lazy that I don’t want to do anything. I am usually tired when I get home from doing laundry, but today I wasn’t so I did the next step and put it all away.
  3. Saying yes to learning something new. E showed me how to make my favorite taco dip. Now I don’t have to ask him to do it for me.
  4. Watching some different holiday movies. I have a plethora of Christmas holiday movies; a whole drawer full and then some.  Today I am watching some other movies that I would not necessarily gravitate towards. The truth is that some of the sleeper films I ultimately fall in love with. It’s Gold Crown Christmas Week on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. Goes perfect with my Christmas in July celebration!
  5. Putting myself first. For so long I have always put other people’s needs before my own. Now I am changing all that. A few years into my #secondact, and it is going to be all about me…and E.

Something Different

I am sure that I could come up with a whole bunch more if I sat here for a few more hours. But I don’t want to. Here’s something different! I don’t want to! Right now I want to go and hem my pants so that I can start wearing them for work. Something else I would not normally have done. Usually I just wear them whatever length they come in, but today, I am turning over this new leaf, and doing something different. Make today the same by doing something different just for yourself. It’s a great gift to give yourself during Christmas in July!

Wishing you moments to do something different!



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