Don’t laugh at me…

As an outsider spending most of my life wanting to be a part of the “in” crowd, I have had the extraordinary opportunity to observe people. My eyes have seen a lot of things…including what others considered funny. Back then you were laughing:

…at that boy who wore glasses and was the science geek…funny how he went on to make millions with his electronics company.

…at the girl with the bad acne…did you know she’s a world-renowned skin doctor?

…at the kid you picked last for every game at recess…well, he went on to practice by himself and is now the first string player for your favorite sports team.

Back then, those kids you laughed at were all thinking the same thing. “Don’t laugh at me. Why do they call me names? It’s not funny to take pleasure from my pain.”

Hey, don’t forget about me either! Yeah…I know you remember me. I was the one that you didn’t include in your fun on the playground. I was one that you forgot to invite over to your sleepovers and parties. I was the one who went home alone after work each night while you all went out to the club. I was the brunt of your jokes and I know what it feels like to cry myself to sleep at night wondering, “Why are they always laughing at me?”

I found this video; funny how it says what I felt like during those years…

You may have been the ones laughing then, but guess what? I am the one laughing now. I have a great life. I went on to get a college education (my mom just commended me on that Sunday night…thanks Mom!)

Thankfully, I’ve never been without a job, even in these tough economic times. As such, I constantly give back to my community by sharing my good fortune with others who are less fortunate than I. It may not always be monetary, but I give in other ways that sometimes are more powerful than you know…teaching children at the low income school the importance of getting an education, educating the homeless on resume writing and interview techniques so they can get a job and get out of the shelter, and yes, contributing to the “Ton of Turkeys” Food Drive to feed those who won’t have a meal this Thanksgiving.

I don’t own my own home, but I’m not underwater on a mortgage. I don’t have children, but I am the surrogate “Auntie” to some really great kids, and I have some of the most wonderful friends all around the country (world!). I live in beautiful northern California in the heart of Wine Country. I’ve worked for a world-renowned wine writer and at an up and coming winery. I’ve taken some of the most kick-a$$ vacations ever…Florida and the Bahamas, Hawaii, and all over the Western U.S. I’m planning on some great ones for the future too! Oh…and one more thing…I am married to the greatest guy who does the most wonderful things for me. He’s a great chef, lets me do whatever I want and gives me presents at the most unexpected moments. Tonight, I am doing the Dance of Joy, Hawaiian Style!

Yes, I did wish you all would stop laughing at me then…but guess who’s laughing now?

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6 thoughts on “Don’t laugh at me…

  1. Writers never seem to fit in anywhere, do we? At least until we discover other writers. I don't remember being laughed at; I was mostly just ignored. But it made a heck of an observer out of me, and now I'm using those observations to write the kind of stories I always wanted to write.

  2. inspiring post…
    i am a new follower…
    come by and follow my words as a tell readers about life, away from my husband, as we try to maintain our relationship from different states.

  3. Excellent piece, Susan, with a very valid point. I was also one of those who got laughed at. Yep, I made it out and got to be a published author, but you know, I can't go down the 'who's laughing now' route because I know it's still happening. It happened to two of my kids (who are thankfully strong enough to make it through). When it doesn't happen any more, then I'll be laughing. :o)

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