DVD Players Rock – No Commercials!

Last night while I was trying to watch a comforting “girl” holiday movie on one of my favorite cable channels, I was bombarded with commercials from the drug companies. All I can say is “Enough Already!” I am not interested in pills that reduce cholesterol, lessen the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease, and stop my overactive bladder (if I had one.) Not to mention the fact that if I didn’t think I had any one of these illnesses, by the end of the commercial, I would believe I had!
While I know that these problems are important to be aware of, it’s not necessary to throw it in my face every seven minutes. When I was first married, it was bad enough I had to watch tampon, douche, cramp relief and the occasional constipation commercials while my husband was sitting next to me. Now, I have to watch arthritis, erectile malfunction, depression and COPD television ads with some occasional heartburn relief thrown in for good measure. It wouldn’t be so bad if they just ran them once, but they run them over and Over and OVER again.

Whatever ever happened to the Maytag Repairman, Mr. Whipple, and Madge the Manicurist for Palmolive Dish Soap? And what about the food commercials for Macaroni and Cheese, Boboli Pizza Crust and Ruffles Potato Chips? I long for the day for when we could see the Jolly Green Giant, the Hidden Valley Ranch, and the Budweiser Clydesdale Horses. Oh and don’t forget the ads for Norelco Shaver at Christmas. Life was so simple then…sigh.

Now I live for commercials with Beyonce touting the wonders of Pepsi, the Christmas Coca-Cola Bear and the Tostino’s Pizza Rolls. I find relief in the Xfinity/Comcast, Direct TV and AT&T U-verse ads. I can even tolerate watching the dating website commercials for ChristianMingle.com, eHarmony.com and OurTime.com.

I understand the networks make money by selling advertising, but do they really have to sell that much television airtime to the pharmaceutical companies. Let’s not even talk about the side effects they mention. I am done with all the drug ads. Please…I am begging you…ENOUGH ALREADY!
I completely understand why my husband channel surfs during the commercials, and I know why I watch movies on DVD all the time. It’s so I don’t have to watch all these ads again and again. DVD Players Rock – No Commercials!
Wishing you moments to not watch commercials!


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2 thoughts on “DVD Players Rock – No Commercials!

  1. And now – goodness me – YouTube has a commercial attached to every video. That's the main reason we do Netflix & Download (legal still in Canada) – and it started as soon as my kids stopped watching these exclusive kid channels and suddenly – after just a few times – all of a sudden NEEDED this toy and that food – awful!!!!!

  2. So true, Susan! Th commercials drive me crazy! Especially all the pharmaceutical and better left unsaid personal products. I do miss the old commercials with Madge, Mr. Whipple, that brought a BIG smile to my face. The only time I watch commercials are at the Super Bowl. The Clydesdales were the best this year a long with the American Farmer commercial. These days I watch Netflix and hubby watches sports by recording, so he can skip through the commercials. Ah, well…

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