The Fork in the Road – My Own Turning Point In The Storm

It really wasn’t that long ago, actually, when I realize that I was at my own turning point. The fork in the road was there but was I going to keep going straight or was I going to go in another direction?

The road that I was on had been comfortable and safe, but was growing bumpy due to some rather large hail from the unexpected storms as of late. I didn’t realize it at the time, but these storms were the forewarnings of greater things to come and I needed to pay attention. But I was just so comfortable where I was…

I had just come back from my first ever two-week holiday, when the first storm hit. I had never taken a break that long before. Always being afraid that I wouldn’t have anything to come back to, meaning, a job. But I had been assured that all was okay and was told to go and enjoy my rest. I should have listened to my inner voice…the first storm hit upon my return.

The wind howled and ripped through me. Combine with the rain and hail, I could barely stand up. Lighting struck and the power inside of me was knocked out. I managed to recover and surveyed the damage. Repairs needed to be made and fast. Fortunately, I found what I needed to fix the situation and moved forward. Until the next storm…

This time I was more prepared. I had a plan. I opened my gifts and began to use them. The road was getting bumpier, the potholes bigger, and the rain and wind almost blinding. The lighting returned, but this time I absorbed the energy instead of having it drain my power. I yelled into the wind, “You will not defeat me!” I could almost hear the laughter, but then I laughed back. The storm started to subside and I moved forward again.

As I continued down the road, each new storm I encountered was more intense than the one previous. With every lightening bolt, I felt more energy that I seemed to need in order to fulfill some deeper quest. The winds howled and swirled around me, whispering into my ear. At times all I wanted to do was escape to my room and hide under the covers.

But I forged on and it continued to rain as I traveled along the road, until finally the fork appeared. I had to make a decision…the safe and comfortable road was becoming no more. But the road of the unknown was here. What was I going to do? I knew it was now or never. I had finally reached my own turning point. Was I going to be brave?

It was time…my turning point was now. I took the fork in the road. The rain is starting to stop and the sun is just starting to peek out behind the clouds…

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2 thoughts on “The Fork in the Road – My Own Turning Point In The Storm

  1. Susan–wonderful blog on Turning Points…I love how you used the storm metaphor! I could feel it…and sometimes the unknown road is much more inviting then the one filled with storms and potholes. Cheers!! Jenn

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