Going Overboard – Finding the Balance in My Life During the Holidays

I’ve never been one to do anything half way, especially around the holidays. In fact, most would say I tend to go overboard. When pressed…I would have to say they are correct. I do go overboard…with just about EVERYTHING!

Whenever I start a project or get involved in something that is important to me, I tend to go big. What’s that expression…”Go big or go home.” That fits me to the tee! I really can’t do anything “just a lttle bit.”

Let’s see…Secret Santa to the neighborhood ladies and children. One year I did the 12 Days of Christmas. What was I thinking! Getting up at 2:00am to deliver presents to my 4 neighbors…in the freezing cold. I’m sure I was a sight to behold…messed up hair, no makeup, wearing my pj’s, tennis shoes and blue bathrobe.

Don’t forget my obsession with cookie baking at the holidays either. I have been known to stay up all night and bake those darn things until the cows come home. I love to bake, but staying up all night, what is wrong with me?!! Does anyone want to do a cookie swap this year instead?

Oh…here’s a good one. Last year, one of the local radio stations was spearheading a turkey drive at one of the homeless shelters in our area. They were trying to gather as many turkeys and other canned foods as possible in order to feed 5000 people for Thanksgiving. I won’t tell you how many turkeys I bought. Suffice it to say that I bought one for at least every year we have lived here (10) and had not bought a turkey for the homeless. (I did this because I believe in karma. Shortly after this, I got a new job. Oooh…another topic to write about in a future post.)

Then there is my obsession with “stuff”. I have to have more than one of everything. Christmas cards and stationery, wooden spoons, candles, soaps of all kinds, toilet paper and wipes, makeup, socks and other lingerie items, towels, packaging materials for food gifts/wrapping/shipping…are you getting the picture here?!! I cannot stand to run out of anything and not have a backup for it. I think this stems from my lack of time to go shopping or to do the laundry, which comes from my spending too much time on work and not enough time on the other things in my life, especially during the Holidays.

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Then there is the volunteering and helping out with everything, the donations to the various other charities, and the holiday meal cooking…oh WAIT! I don’t cook. Whew! Thank goodness I don’t cook…I have the hubs for that. If I had to, I’d probably hang myself. Then there is the christmas cards, and the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating around the house, and the holiday movie watching, and putting up the Christmas lights outside and the…and the…and the…EHOUGH!

By the way, the photo to the left here…that’s me during the holidays (expect I am not a tall, beautiful and blond…but the whole pulling out the hair and stressed out look, that’s definitely me.)

This whole “going overboard” stuff is really overated.

I want peace, quiet, calmness and serenity. Today it’s all about balance…in all aspects of my life. I will probably still decorate, bake, send out the holiday cards and give gifts. The volunteering will be limited and I’ll spend more time with my husband. I want to sit back, relax and watch a few holiday movies and enjoy the good food my husband will make just for me.

On Strike For Christmas with Daphne Zuniga and David Sutcliffe

Just for fun, I highly recommend watching the movie, On Strike For Christmas. I saw it last year on Lifetime TV and it’s absolutely hilarious. It’s highly fitting to my personality and the holidays. I liked it so much, I recently ordered it from Amazon.com and am currently watching it while I write this post.

I really love this time of year…ahhh…I feel it…my balance is just about here, but not before I bake some cookies.

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11 thoughts on “Going Overboard – Finding the Balance in My Life During the Holidays

  1. I know people like you. I try to avoid them. Just kidding. Truthfully, tho, I'm kind of the opposite. I start buying Christmas gifts no later than October, so I can take my time. Most of them are just token gifts anyway, with a check being the main gift because my grandkids have grown beyond the toy stage into much more complicated interests. My husband and I and both my daughters are on diets, so not much baking. Only decorations are a wreath on the door and a Christmas tree. I do cook dinner, tho it's gotten less elaborate over the years. My main enjoyment at Christmas is just getting the family together (which often involves a trip to the Denver area) and being thankful for their health and individuality.

  2. LOVE THIS..and too, believe in reading what you sow and woman YOU ARE SO RICH!!<3 ITS and honor to meet you and would LOVE to do a cookie swap with you!! hehe ok let me order that movie!

  3. Oh Susan! You just make me laugh like a school girl. Why? Because I have so been in that do-it-all and be-it-all for everyone place so many times! Not now. I have found my balance in the holiday season by choosing the things that other people seems to enjoy the most. Baking, a few cookies and an Ooiegooey Cake (Paula Deen specialty!). I shop very early and try for one or two gifts that each will really enjoy. We decorate modestly, now. The living room and the family room get the Christmas look and my husband loves putting things in the yard, so he does that. Christmas dinner is not a huge giant affair anymore. It's something that can be kept good all day so the kids can come whenever it fits into their schedules and we don't stress over a sit down dinner for everyone. I have decided to just ENJOY the whole holiday season…novel approach, eh? LOL

  4. We have a cookie baking party each year where the kids bring their friends over–they cut the cookie dough—they go play while I bake and cool and then they come to decorate after playing. Then I send them home with a tin each, and on a sugar high. (I'm such a good Mom!) But every year we have lot and lots of left over cookies. Talk about over board!! Cheers, Jenn

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