Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

A long time ago, someone I worked for told me I would never make more than a $XX an hour in the town where we currently live. In my heart, I believe it was his way of telling me I would never amount to much of anything. I was not planning on being a major superstar or anything, but I did want to do a good job in my chosen profession of office administration. That was a pretty shitty thing to do for someone who had just moved to California looking for a better life.
I remembered being heartbroken and for a lack of better words, empty inside. Who would say such a thing to someone? Way to go to motivate your employee! Yeah, I want to continue working for you! Not! I made the first move I could and got another job. Albeit it only lasted a year, but I had a plan and I had to work it. And work it I did!
From that point forward, I made it my personal goal to not only make that allusive number, but surpass it and more. Now for those of you that know me, money is not that big of a deal to me. I may have grown up in a comfortable lifestyle, but I came from a blue collar background where we worked for what we wanted. I’ve kept that mentality growing up, and as an adult, I continued with that mindset.
So I worked my way around this job and that, sometimes taking a step forward and others taking a step back. I made a lot of sacrifices and put some of my personal goals on the back burner. But eventually, after 20 something years of hard work, not only did I surpass that allusive and ridiculous amount my former boss said I would never earn more than, but I doubled it and more! 
I am grateful for my upbringing because it has taught me how to be strong. That strength has helped me to weather the years where no opportunities and nothing but adversity came my way. And while I watched myself fall further behind in my goals, I had to learned to be happy with what I had and fight for what I wanted. It was tough sometimes, and more than once, I had people who tried to knock me down. I never gave up. 
This last year really does show me that hard work does pay off. While I had to put some of my personal goals on the back burner for another year, I finally feel like good things are coming to me after waiting and waiting…and waiting. The start of this year saw me working long hours, but it looks like things are beginning to settle. I will be able to get back to a normal work week, although I don’t know what “normal” is at this point. One thing I know for sure, those back burner items are going to go to the top of the list again. 
Perhaps I should have entitled this “What Goes Around, Comes Around”, but what would be the point. I have nothing to prove anymore…to anyone. The truth is, “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”.

Wishing you moments to find your strength & patience to wait for good things to come your way!

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3 thoughts on “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

  1. Congratulations on reaching out and acquiring what others said you would not. It's always encouraging to hear that hard work and patience really can invoke 'good things'.

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