Goodbye Spammers!

Today has been an epic day. Not only did I receive spam email from someone who supposedly visited my website, I actually had a total of 12 spammers visit today. That must be a record for me. What’s interesting about this is the fact that I now have been tracking the visits to my website on a daily basis, and not a single one of them are showing up on the tracking! This is just so amazing! How do you do it?!?!
For the longest time, I never got spammed. Then one day, I got a random email that I thought perhaps was someone from one of my writing groups, but alas, it was not. How did I know this? Because when I actually sat down for a moment and read what I had received in my email (the first time I read it on the fly because I had something like 200 emails to read), I realized what the person wrote wasn’t even intelligent enough to allow as a comment to what I had wrote.
Then, over the course of time, the spam comments appeared a couple a times a week. For the last month or so, it’s been once a day. Overall though, it’s nothing that I couldn’t deal with as they were mostly unintelligent and offered no point of reference to the post in which they were commenting. So I clicked the box and marked them as spam and said “Sayonara!” For the last week, something new has been happening. Not only does the spam has comments, they have a video attached to them. Hmmm…wonder if I should open the attachment?
HEEEELLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you really think I am that stupid?
Seriously though…today, really takes the cake! Twelve spammers, some were within mere minutes of each other…all the same thing – a poorly written and completely unrelatable comment to the posting, and a video attached to it. Surely, you must be joking!
You do realize that…and I say this with the most sincerity…I will never…ever…allow your spam comments to be posted to my website. NEVER…EVER!!!!
From this point forward, all emails from anyone named  “Anonymous” will be permanently reported as spam and I will never see them in my inbox. Now I realize that there is a small percentage of people who visit my website, make really great comments, but then choose to not use a real name. Please know that rest assured, if your comment is legit, I will post it. For the rest of you spammers, your days of filling my inbox are over!
So I leave you with this parting gift:


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