Happy August 1, 2012!!!

Wow! Seven months of 2012 are over and today is the first day of my birth month and anniversary month. Where has the time gone? I have no idea.

I feel behind in so many areas. I stopped writing in some areas and have picked up other projects along the way. My day time job has exploded and there are days that I come home and feel completely overwhelmed and really don’t feel like writing. But I promise, I am working on projects and will get back into it on a more regular basis. I am working on a way to combine everything into one site. Will let you all know soon how that is working  out.

I just recently returned from a week in Kauai and have the most glorious time. Ever had a Mai Tai?  There are super yummy! I think it is my new favorite drink too! While on the island, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Koloa Rum Company. Look for an article, review and such regarding this company and their delicious products! Oh look! Here’s a picture of me holding another Mai Tai!

And now, it already feels like it has been forever since we’ve been there, and truth be told, we are already thinking about returning again soon. Maybe a different island or two!

I still have some plans for the rest of the year that I hope to be able to pull off, but if I don’t then oh well! There’s always next year. I’ve just decided that this is going to be how I roll. Things will get done when they get done and tomorrow is another day. I have job security (for now) and some great goals for myself. Overall, I am truly happy. More happy, probably, then I have been in years.

So, how has your summer been? Are you having any fun yet? I’d love to hear back from you…let me know!

Wishing you moments of happiness!

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4 thoughts on “Happy August 1, 2012!!!

  1. I have loved every trip to Hawaii. It is really the paradise they advertise. Glad you had a good time.
    Mai tais are not my favorite, but I've had a few! I am a mojito fan. Yummo

    My summer has been fantastic. A lot of sun and swimming and a lot of heat, which I love. We had the kids a couple of times and grand babies at any age, always make me happy. It's really been nearly a perfect summer for us.

  2. Oh, sounds like a great trip! We just returned from a Disney cruise and you can read ALL about my forays there; I loved being on the ship but I am not an excursion person! And yes, I had my own favorite vacation drink, though nothing nearly as exotic, as interesting. Just my nightly martini!

  3. My summer has been fabulous and I'm so glad yours has been, too! You know, I hadn't thought about it until I read your post, but I didn't have even one alcoholic beverage on vacation. Weird, right?!

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