Hello Weekend! How Are You?

Hello WeekendHello Weekend! How are you? It’s been a whole seven days since we last saw each other. A hectic week for me, and one where I did not get as much done as I would have liked. As weeks go, however, it was not all that bad. In fact, I would say it was pretty darn good…on many levels!

While I will not comment on all the details that happened this week, I will say that it was broken up nicely by having the 4th of July holiday off. Working a day, then having a day off, and finishing up the week working only three days was quite pleasant.

My New  Slower-Placed Life

While work kept me hopping, my slower paced evenings allowed me to spend more time with my husband. We do not necessarily talk about anything important, but we do share more now that we are both working five minutes from home. A great benefit that has been lost to us for many years. Now that we have it back, I find it very comforting.

The last several months I have seen a great change in myself. I look forward to meeting up with you Dear Weekend and spending quality time together. I look forward to my evenings and the ability to write down my thoughts and share my ideas. I look forward to my broadening creativity pursuits. I look forward to life, and that is something I have not felt in what seems like forever.

My Christmas in July celebration I am especially enjoying. I know that it is probably silly, but being silly is something I have never had time for, but now that I do…I like being silly. In fact, I need more silly in my life, and I plan on finding it with you, my Weekend Friend! I hope you will join me on the journey!

Thanks for being my friend!


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