How Do You Celebrate?

As we celebrate our nation’s independence from the United Kingdom, I am trying to remember previous celebrations of this great day. Some highlights for me include:
  • Camping with the entire family and watching the fireworks from out campsite.
  • Sitting up on Mountain over looking the city I currently live in and watching the fireworks being shot off from the football field.
  • Enjoying the fireworks on the beach with my boyfriend (now husband) with his best friend and family.
  • Hanging out on the Central Coast of California and watching fireworks from three different cities all going off at the same time.
This year, I think we’re going to watch the fireworks in one of the neighboring towns. I just feel like doing something different because frankly, I’m tired of doing the same ol’ thing.
While all these memories are great, they also got me thinking about other ways I celebrate special days. It’s no secret that I love the holidays staring in October all the way through the end of the year. It wasn’t that long ago when I would go completely crazy with the decorations and rituals associated with each day. These days, I am lucky if I can get the boxes out of the garage. So what’s changed? Well, probably because life got so overwhelmingly busy, and I just lost my way.
Now that things have settled down, I actually have my life back again and am thinking about all those great holidays and the decorations in the garage. I’m thinking that this is the year I sweep off the cobwebs and open up a few of those boxes and pull out some fun stuff to spruce up my boring house. But first, I have to clean up my house!
So how do you celebrate these special days? What about those special moments in life you want to commemorate, what do you do for them? I love to hear from you!
Wishing you moments to celebrate special moments and holidays!

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