I am Tired and Writing-ed Out

I am tired…bone weary. My head even hurts. I am sure you have probably noticed that I have not been writing as much as I used to. Yes, it’s true. I’m not. At least not here…or anywhere else for that matter. It is not to say that I haven’t been writing, because I have. I have been on writing overdrive at my day job.
In fact, I have been on overdrive at my day job for months, and it has completely worn me out. Some days it is all I can do to just get out of bed. I live on caffeine and chocolate these days. I know this is really bad, but what can I do. In the meantime, I have completely tapped out my creative juices for other things. No book reviews, no website development for my own personal projects, and doing just the bare minimum to keep my writing gigs live enough so I don’t get shut off. As for my other projects that I’ve promised to finish…well…I’ve haven’t  quite gotten around to them yet. 
Still trying to work on those, but seriously, I am just about “writing-ed out”! My brain is tired from all the thinking and organizing and making everything sound good for the work I am producing for my day job. I never thought I would say that, but I am. Secretively though, I’m really putting myself first, although on the surface it really doesn’t look like it.
But all is not lost, but I see the end in sight. Hopefully by the end of the year, I will have completed my goal, paid off the last of our obligations, and if the work doesn’t slow down, then maybe find a job that is less stressful and gives me more time to pursue my passion. I am counting the days. So in the meantime, my creativity juices are taking a break while my regular work takes a front seat until things settle down. 

Wishing you moments to stay focused on your goals and remember, when in doubt, put yourself first.


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