I Cry Every Day

I cry every day
For what seems like no reason
I cry every day
It’s my time for this season

I miss so many things
The least of which is dad
He has earned his wings
His absence makes me sad

Random things bring on the tears
No rhyme or reason when they occur
Wish I could talk to friends and peers
I could use a hug from something with fur

I cry every day
My heart just aches
I cry every day
At night my body quakes

If you only knew
If you could only see
I am more than just blue
I just want to flee

My heart is broken
My body is drained
Will I ever be woken
And not feel so pained

I cry every day
My tears fall like raindrops
I cry every day
I hope that it soon stops


I cry out of anger
I cry out of sadness
I cry from frustration
I cry from exasperation

I pray for serenity
I pray for joy
I pray for contentment
I pray for comfort

Please remember that there are people who hide their emotions, feelings and sadness.  They don’t talk because they think no one wants to listen or care. Be kind to everyone because you don’t know how much life really sucks for them. Everyone has a story, some more painful than others. 






















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