I Need a Break so I can Begin Again

I had such big plans for this year. I was able to do some of them, but lo and behold, it’s already November and I feel the year has just slipped away from me…again.

Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas is not far behind. I’ve barely started any shopping for the family and I feel this is the farthest behind I’ve ever been. Today, though, I am stopping to think if it really is all worth it. Will anyone feel neglected if I don’t do something? Probably not. Maybe they would most appreciate it if I spent time with them instead? This, however, proves to be difficult as most of my family and friends are thousand of miles away.

So the question begs…who am I really doing this all for? My husband? Not really, he doesn’t really care about these things all that much. Me? Well…yeah, I guess it is really all for me. But why? Who am I trying to impress? Will anyone like me any more if I do all the little things I want to do? Probably not. 

The truth is…and as my husband has said over and over again…I over do things…a lot! And frankly, right now, I just need a break so I can begin…all over again.

Phooey…I had such great plans though…but it always seems like there is always something that sabotages them; whether it be life in general or someone/thing in particular. I think the first thing I need to do is get my life in order, clean up a few messes and then regroup and start over next year.

So in the meantime, I am cleaning up and shoveling out a few things. While I still have a lot of ideas…I really need to pick just a couple and then figure out how to execute them really well.

Wishing you moments to reflect on beginning again.

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