Joyful Time , Sunshine and Personal Projects

My birth month is passing by quickly. It’s hard to believe that today is already the 13th of August. Only 12 more days until the big day. Actually, I should preface that with “only 9 more days until my other big day before the big day.” You’re probably wondering why the month of August is so important to me. It’s because I not only was born this month, but I also got married this month; three days before my birthday actually. So, I have a double reason to enjoy this time of year!
I’ve been working especially hard at my day job. So busy these days and getting some overtime. It’s nice because like many of you I could you the extra cash. My dad always said to “make hay while the sun is shining.” Right now, the sun is shining very brightly, so I will do what I need to do and sock it away for a rainy day.
The only bad part is that I can’t work on my own personal projects. Somehow, I’ll just have to squeeze them in a little here and a little there. As usual, I am behind in that area, but it’s all good. Can’t be too mad at myself, because the overtime is allowing me to make a lot of hay! But the sun is really heating things up around here. Had to turn on my “EC” tonight just to cool things down

Wishing you moments to make some hay!

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