Life Decisions

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you had made different choices? We make about a million different decisions along the way and each one affects the next. While we have no choice about the family we are born into, we do have the right to make them once we are older and can reason.
Decisions about me and my life came very early on. I often thought how my life would be if I had not been adopted my own family, or if my birth mother had decided to keep me. I would not even be here at this very moment typing this blog entry. I would probably be back somewhere living in the Midwest, most likely not married, and definitely not in a house, but probably an apartment. 
It’s crazy how each little decision that comes our way makes a huge impact on how our lives end up! At this point, I am carefully consider each life choice that comes my way and think about my options. I want to be absolutely sure I will be happy with the decision so I can continue to move forward on the plan for my life. 
Ultimately, this is what we all have to decide, isn’t it? Being happy with our life plans. I know I am, how about you?

Wishing you moments to make great decisions!

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