Long Weekends…

…are they a blessing in disguise or just an excuse to just goof off all weekend and get nothing done? There is nothing wrong with spending part of the weekend recharging your batteries so to speak. But inevitably there is always something that has to get done, long weekend or not. Laundry, dishes, miscellaneous cleaning & organizing, errands galore…does it ever end? Not really. If you’re like me you want to do both. But how do you decide? There are things that I want to do and then there are things that I have to do. And just to make things interesting, there is a monkey wrench thrown into the mix and all the plans and non-plans end up in a huge mess on the floor to sort thru, clean out and re-work. It’s enough to give you a headache…and it does.The one thing that I truly know is that the things that have to be done will always be there. They never truly go away,not really…even if you finish them. There will always be laundry, ironing, cleaning and dishes to do. The piles just get bigger if you don’t keep up with them.The things that might not always be there are sunny skies, warm temperatures, a light breeze, rainbows, walks on the beach, bike rides, and spending time with friends and family. This list is endless and uniquely personal. The best thing to do on a long weekend…spend time doing a few things that have to be done, but also, spend time doing something that doesn’t need to be done. You’ll be a lot happier in the long run.

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