Loyalty Like No Other

I see you standing over there. Can you see me over here? Will I have to compete to get your attention, or can I just sit over here and wait for you?

Do I look like the others? Close, but not really. Do I act like the others? Sometimes, but I am just being me.

Go ahead and mingle. It’s okay, I know my time is next. When you’re done, I will be ready for you.

In the meantime, I like watching you. You seem really nice. While I’m thinking “You’re the one!”, you finally look up and smile at me.

I get up and walk over to you. You do the same. We look at each other and smile again. I know this is it. I speak and you laugh. This is it, it is finally my chance! You turn and walk away, but stop and look back. You call out to me and I run to you happily.

I know I will miss my home, but I’m so excited to be leaving.

As I look out the window and say goodbye to the past, I look up at you and make this pledge for our future:

I will protect you while you sleep,
and I will be here when you wake.
I will forewarn you of troubles,
and be there for you alone.
I will wait here when you go away,
and I will be here when you return.
I will kiss your face when you cry,
and I will comfort you in our embrace.
I will follow you wherever you roam 
and I will remain loyal to you alone.
I will love you unconditionally,
and I will be your best friend.
I will stay with you forever,
until it is my time to go.

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***I have written this piece for a group on Facebook that I joined, GBE 2: Blog On. This is week #18 and the topic is Loyalty. Interested in more…click on the picture below to take you there.

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