Merry Christmas 2014

Brightly colored lights and blow up figurines deck the front yard. Several mini trees throughout the house are lit up to celebrate the holiday in their own special way. The packages have all been unwrapped and the bows and boxes put away. The phone calls have been made and the nosh eaten. Most of the holiday movies have been watched and naps were, thankfully, taken. 
As I sit here at the end of a very fine Christmas, I remark on the quietness of the day and am grateful that I made it this far after a very long, and might I say, tiring year with many ups and downs. But I am eternally grateful for the many blessings that have come my way. I pray for continued happiness and joy in the coming year.
May you all be blessed with peace and I wish you all much love.
From all of us at Today’s Writing Woman,


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