…heart is broken. The blues I woke up with today was no joke. The precursor is always a night of little sleep. Today it rained, literally and figuratively, and I fear I am slipping back into the dark place. I don’t want to go there, again.

Being in tune sucks…I wish I never figured out how to do it…now I can’t make it stop.

I am participating in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge for April 2012. Today’s post is for the letter M.

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12 thoughts on “My…

  1. OH Susan– I am sending lots of positive vibes, great thoughts, and many prayers your way…to scatter the darkness and bring back the light!!

    Love to you ♥ Jenn

  2. I am hoping this is a figurative rather than an actual post. If, in fact, your heart is broken, I am sending the biggest and most powerful love and hugs to aid your healing. If it's figurative, whew!

    ♥ u Susan and wishing you only sunshine in your heart. The dark place is no place for YOU.

  3. Susan… Hard to know what to say to a post like this. Been there, felt that.

    Love the video and the song. Sometimes a broken heart can lead to extraordinary creative and emotional growth, crappy as it feels at the time.

    Be well, be as good to yourself as you would to a friend going through what you are.

  4. I did not join this. Being relatively new I had no idea what to do or what to say or write. After reading your sad blog about your feelings and thoughts, I am not sad that I decided to be a watcher rather than a writer.

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