Never Give Up

Do you ever feel like you just want to give up. You know the feeling. You work hard and nothing goes right:
  • It’s starts in the morning when you put a hole through your stockings and it’s the last pair you own.
  • You spill that $5 cup of coffee all over your brand new white blouse.
  • You break your heal on those expensive pair of shoes that took you three months to save for.
  • The car needs gas and you’re already late to work.
  • Your boss asks you to do more work and when you try to accomplish all these new tasks, plus your regular work, it’s not good enough. You’re not working fast enough, smart enough, organized enough and generally feel like a bit fat failure.
  • You’ve had a distressing phone call you were prepared for that sends you reeling.
  • You go out to your car after work and find a flat tire.
  • You finally get home only to find someone in your parking spot.
  • Your internet connection is out and you have a bunch of work to finish and now you can’t.
Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, you’re not alone. I know how you feel. I’ve been there and to some extent am still there. Life is not perfect. But if there is one thing I learned, it’s:
“If you really believe in what you’re doing, work hard, take nothing personally and if something blocks one route, find another. Never give up.” ~ Laurie Notaro
Then I put on my most comfortable PJs, pop in one of my “happy” movies into the DVD player, eat a big bowl of popcorn and forget all about the crappy day I just had. 

Wishing you moments to remind yourself to never give up!


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5 thoughts on “Never Give Up

  1. You are absolutely right. No matter how tempted you are to throw in the towel, you simply cannot. You will regret it later on because eventually something will work out if you keep at it.

  2. I find all of them familiar. I will add some more:
    you are hungry, nothing to eat, only bread, no butter .You open the jam bottle.none.

    You are sick and lazy and the maid has taken a holiday.

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