No Matter What You Decide to Do in Life, Be Sure it Makes You Happy

Another birthday is around the corner and I have been thinking about the events around the world and in my own life these last few weeks. During these moments of reflection, my thoughts keep circling back to two significant points.
Firstly, a job does not constitute “having a life.” Being able to support yourself through reliable employment is an amazing feeling. But I know that there are those out there dealing with sleepless nights, days of stomach unrest, and an overall feeling of great uncertainty for whatever reason. After much thought though, I came to the conclusion that a job, at it’s core, may be completely fulfilling for many people, but at the end of the day, isn’t working just a means to earn money so that we can live our real lives? For me personally, and I think because of who I am, I forget that there is a lot more to me than what I do for a living.
Over the years, I have enjoyed the various jobs I have held. There may have been one or two that were not the greatest, but I grew as a person and learned valuable skills. The takeaway from each one, and something I carry into every new role, is to always put everything I have into the job, no matter what. I won’t change in this regard, and I believe this a valuable tip for everyone.
I have worked very hard to get where I am, and I recognize that others I have crossed paths with have also done the same. I applaud you for your hard work and gained opportunities. But on the other side of the coin, there are some that stand in the shadow of jealousy, a strong and uncontrollable emotion. Over the years, I have landed there a time or two myself, but I can assure you that what you perceive to be greener may not be as good as where you are standing right now. And I am pretty sure if you stopped to ask the person whom you thought was leading that great life, you would get a different story.
Ask me about my “greener life”, I guarantee you will think differently after you listened to my tale.
While there are those that are looking to get that next promotion, make more money and garner recognition, I have decided to approach it from a different angle. I am looking at it from the perspective of needing a little more out of life; something that will feed my soul. I often wonder if anyone else has reached the same conclusion. Ask yourself…do you want more from the life you are living? When you are ready to answer that question, I can assure you it is very eye-opening. I have taken a hard look at myself and am actually able to say with certainty that not only do I want, but I need more from my life. 
Secondly, during this period of introspection, I have come to realize that many of us spend too much time getting caught up “in the trappings” as it were, and forget about what really and truly matters. Life is too short to not be happy. How much time have you wasted being angry or fearful, and worrying about what others think, including your family? What have I done to cause this unrest? What have I gained from these negative thoughts, or more importantly, what have I lost? Why do I feel this way? Why do I hurt? Why? I have asked myself these questions numerous times, but I don’t have a conclusive answer except to say that it must be me. And if this negative emotion surrounds me, perhaps it surrounds others and we have all forgotten about what makes us happy. 
Looking back on everything I have experienced in my life, I realize how certain moments have helped shape me into the person that I am today – an educated women with a fair amount of skills to do anything she wants to do. I consider myself to be evolving, practically on a daily basis. Things that made me happy when I was young, a year ago, last month and even yesterday, don’t necessarily make me happy today. But right now…at this moment…these are the things that make me happy (in no particular order):
1. Comfortable socks;
2. Cool nights and a fluffy comforter to snuggle under while I sleep;
3. An unlimited supply of good books to read and music to listen to in the background;
4. Having my own space to do whatever I want;
5. Being confident in my skills, and knowing that there are others who appreciate what I offer;
6. Delicious food;
7. Working in my garden;
8. Great movies I can watch anytime;
9. Sitting on the beach;
10. Tropical breezes and beautiful flowers to admire;
11. Spending time with family and friends; and
12. Sitting out on my patio and listening to the fountain.

What makes you happy? Think about it for awhile, and when you figure it out, I would love to hear about it!

Wishing you moments to reflect on what makes you happy,

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One thought on “No Matter What You Decide to Do in Life, Be Sure it Makes You Happy

  1. Susan, we may be kindred spirits. I would say yes to everything on your list. Well, except for, "Sitting out … and listening to the fountain." And that is only because I don't have a fountain on my patio. I would add:
    13. Things that make me chuckle or belly laugh.

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