Nobody’s Perfect…

…including me.
I have flaws,
 I have quirks,
 and little idiosyncrasies.
I make mistakes.
 I drop things.
 I run into walls.
 I stumble and fall.
I get bruises.
I have feelings that sometimes get hurt.
I cry, sometimes for no reason.
I bleed.
I’m not tall.
I’m not thin.
I have curves.
I’m not blond.
I don’t have flawless skin.
 I am not pretty by model standards.
I’m not popular.
I’m invisible.
Nobody’s perfect.
I’m imperfect.
 I’m okay with that.
All these things make up who I am.
I am not about to change just to fit in.
I am unique.
I am special.
I am just me.

Take me as I am,
because nobody’s perfect.

I am participating in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge for April 2012. Today’s post is for the letter N.
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