On This Night All Hallows’ Eve

Off to storage to retrieve unholy treasures,
climbing up to the rafters to seek out dark pleasures.
Box after box thrown down to the ground,
open them all to unearth lost and found.
Years it has been since they’ve last seen the light,
shiny bits and dark baubles destined to take flight.
One by one and two by two,
ideas formulate…let the designs ensue.
Orange and black is the theme tonight,
with burning candles to shine ghostly light.
The path is narrow and shadowed with fog,
no gates to open here but watch out for the dog.
Vampires and werewolves, zombies and witches,
hold onto your hats and take hold of your britches.
Knock on the door and hold our your bag,
cover your eyes and pray for some swag.
She’s wicked they say and don’t touch her broom,
her many spells have enchanted her groom.
She dresses all in black and has several wands,
loves her candles and pampas grass fronds
Look! Her torch is lit to scare the sainted,
be careful of smells that could leave you fainted.
The cauldron is lit and the liquid is bubbling,
the scene is all set…this could be troubling.
Do not be fearful, it’s not what you think,
she’s just boiling water for a hot fruity drink.
She appears quite normal but looks can deceive,
on this night All Hallows’ Eve.
Eerie noises escape as the door opens wide,
out of the darkness we see a hand to provide.
The sweets we have waited all year for free,
but what she picks up is just her cup of tea.
“So sorry children, I am all out of candy.”
“I have PMS and it was all that was handy.”
“Do you like my decorations? I had lots of fun.”
“Too bad it’s just one night and not a dry run.”
“Don’t look so disappointed. I’m just the first stop.”
“Head for town quickly to the ice cream shop.”
“All the kids will be there lost in sugar reverie.”
“Here’s ten bucks for cones compliments of me.”
She says good night and closes the door.
Why did we worry? We couldn’t ask for more.
Heading off on our bikes with the loot in hand,
never hearing her cackle as she chants her command.

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This post is written for The Writer’s Post Blog Hop# 20: Thrills and Chills – Halloween Style! Interested in learning more, please check out the link below!

6 thoughts on “On This Night All Hallows’ Eve

  1. Good good job, Lady! Oh my goodness, PMS and tea, ha hahahahahahha…ten bucks though? I wanna live in that neighborhood. Around these here parts, you'd be lucky to get a quarter! 🙂

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