You’ve been elusive most of my life,
while I’ve dealt with the pain cutting like a knife.
I thought I was doing what was right,
working hard every day towards the prize in sight.
Others always came first day in and day out,
but reality set it and I was left in doubt.
When I finally figured out what I had lost,
half my life was over with no replacement cost.
At first I was angry, sad and blue,
but decided to kit butt and said I was through.
Now my life is back and it’s all mine,
and the peace I’ve wanted is like a sweet wine.
It’s all about having the right attitude,
and giving thanks to Him in gratitude.
Now I’m more happy and feeling less stress,
The world is mine with peace as my success.

 Wishing you moments of peace,

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7 thoughts on “Peace

  1. I do like Nora JOnes, but cannot listen to her if I'm even a little depressed, she'll talk me right off the ledge with her music and I mean jumping off the ledge, not coming back to safety!

    Beautiful poem. πŸ™‚

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