There is something to be said for getting your chores done first before doing anything else. Putting things off often leads to needing more time to accomplish them later. Or, when later arrives you don’t want to do what you put off at all. 
I’ve been trying to subscribe to doing things now instead of later. While I wouldn’t say I am a procrastinator, I will say that I tend to let the less than important things pile up until I can’t take it anymore and then go on a mad frenzy until I finally tackle those piles.
The benefits to beating the allure of procrastination:
  • Putting away the laundry when I first get home so I don’t have to do it just before I go to bed when I am super tired. 
  • Reviewing the paperwork/important mail upon arrival so I don’t have to spend hours wading through piles of stuff that should only have to be looked at once and either filed away or shredded.
  • Spending five minutes a day sweeping and moping the kitchen/bathroom floor (our living space is really tiny) instead of letting it go to the point that it will take two hours to do the chore.
These are just a few of the things that have come up in my daily life. Unfortunately, my “life” sometimes gets a little out of control and I have no energy when I walk through the door so these things get put off for awhile. The good news though, is that I recognize this in myself and am trying to execute a few tiny adjustments in order to make my life easier as I move towards my future. This is just all a part of my plans.  
The good news is that I did put away clothes soon after I came home from laundry. I ended up spending about three hours sorting through a bunch of paperwork in my office; but at least I found a few things I was looking for, including that gift certificate for that local winery. I was so happy that when we went out to pick up peaches at the local peach farm, we made a pit stop at the local winery that I had the certificate for and picked up a bottle of wine. Can anyone say Black Muscat?!! Love this stuff!
So, what are some of the things you procrastinate about? I’d love to hear from you and how you worked towards making things better in your lives.
Wishing you moments towards easing your procrastination tendencies!

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4 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. I am a procrastinator. Every week, I try to change my ways and I usually start off really well, but then by the end of the week I am back to putting things off to the last minute!

  2. I think this blogpost was written just for me. I procrastinate about deleting the mails in my inbox. It really tires out my brain to read the same mails over and over again. Now I read them properly as soon as I see them, reply or take action and delete, delete, delete. Can't tell you what a huge difference it makes.

  3. Procrastination is the bane of my existence. I'll do anything, including watching old Dateline mysteries, to avoid doing some of my chores. Oh, most of my chores. Even when I know I'll benefit. But today ? I'm making it Chore Day. Wish me luck!

  4. Making sure the dishes are done, counters wiped down, and floor swept every night before I go to sleep makes my mornings so much nicer! I also run a load of laundry every other day, so nothing piles up – makes things so much easier.

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