Quiet Early Mornings and Routines

I like getting up early in the morning. It’s so quiet and peaceful. No one to bother me and no distractions…at least during the work week. Except for Tuesday, when the hubs works from home, I have this time all to myself. He gets up early every other day of the week to go to work. Kind of a bummer for him since it’s about 5:15am when he does get up and has to drive an hour to get to work. I get up right after he is finished in the bathroom which is typically around 5:30am.
These morning hours are mine to treasure. I have a routine that I follow pretty religiously. I generally turn on the TV to catch the weather for the day and then shut it off immediately afterwards because I don’t want to watch the news and have it ruin my day. I put in a movie that I love and then I’ll jump online to catch up on emails, and then perhaps check out Facebook for a few minutes. Afterwards I’ll start working on my next writing project. About 6:00am I’ll take a quick shower and then it’s back to the computer to finish up whatever I’ve been writing on. I can usually pound out one thing before it’s time for me to get ready for work.
I find that I am pretty productive when I stick to this routine. I feel really good when I can accomplish as much as I do. Since I don’t have any other responsibilities besides myself and my husband, I know that I am making progress in this great big world we live in. Plus it leaves some of the evening time to spend with the person that I share this house with :-).

Wishing you moments of to enjoy those quiet early mornings!

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3 thoughts on “Quiet Early Mornings and Routines

  1. I love mornings, too πŸ™‚ Routine is so important! It allows you to reach your goals through persistently doing a small amount of a large task every day. Great post!

  2. I'm not a morning person; never have been. I prefer working late at night (even the very early hours of the day). Although, with a wee one in the house, I'm regularly woken up at 7am and start writing at 9am at the latest.

    I do find a routine helps though, along with working at my desk!

  3. Mornings are my ME time too. Like you, I try to catch reading my emails too while drinking my coffee. I only have about an hour then I have to wake the son and hubs up =) But its a great hour each day.

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