Quiet Sunday Mornings

I love Sunday mornings. They are so quiet and peaceful in my house. My husband usually leaves me alone to slowly wake up and get myself going. Sometimes I will stay in bed and watch television for awhile and just relax my way into the day. There’s no hurry to do anything. Sundays are my only days to sleep in and not hurry to go anywhere.
Eventually, I make my way downstairs and have breakfast with my guy. Nothing really fancy unless he makes it. Most of the time it’s just coffee (for him), orange juice and donuts, cereal, or perhaps some toast or even a bagel.We have a special way we make bagels and I will share that recipe in another post on my recipes blog, Recipes for Today’s Working Woman.
After breakfast, I’ll usually do the dishes. You might be wondering why I’m doing dishes on a Sunday morning. Well the truth is that we typically eat off of paper plates during the week, so we don’t generate enough dishes to make it worth my while to do them daily. I have a dishwasher, but it is currently disconnected and I use it to store my canning supplies. I have a lot of them and a really small kitchen with very little storage. 
Once the dishes are done (sometimes they take a long time because I watch movies on my portable DVD player located on top of the microwave next to the sink), I am off to read or write for the rest of the day. Unless my husband wants to do something, which most of the time he doesn’t (he’s kind of a homebody and doesn’t like to drive too much because he drives a lot during the week), I have the remaining part of the day to do whatever I want. If I time it right, I can read for several hours, write for several hours and perhaps even bake something if the mood strikes me.
But my favorite part of Sunday is the mornings. I can hear the birds chirping outside and a little traffic in the distance. Hardly anyone is up in our neighborhood though so it is especially peaceful. It’s the perfect time to sit and reflect quietly. I am in bliss.
Wishing you moments to enjoy quiet Sunday mornings!

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4 thoughts on “Quiet Sunday Mornings

  1. Your Sunday sounds and feels lovely. Roomy and I often do nothing on Sunday. Relax, enjoy the back deck, the pool, the dogs and the birds. Our lives are fairly laid back these days with our to-do lists being worked on with some leisure during the week. Week-ends we sometimes have the kids around and sometimes just us and the furbabies.

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