Reflections of an Old Soul

I think I was born old, or at the very least, inhabited by someone’s soul, older and wiser than I. Decisions in my life seem to have been guided by this entity and have led me on a very interesting journey. Over the years, I’ve had to do things I wasn’t happy about, and on more than one occasion, I’ve said, “Why me?”.

Getting to this place in my life has not come without a few moments of self-doubt. As a young woman, fresh out of college, I had a lot to learn. I still feel that way today as I tend to be fairly critical of myself. Overall though, I don’t have any regrets.

Why? Because regrets are nothing more than bad feelings over lost opportunities. But wait! Are they really lost opportunities? At least that’s what I originally thought. Then, I had a huge epiphany and began to wonder if they were indeed really lost opportunities, but merely chances for happiness presented to us in a different way.


All the pent up frustrations and anxiety seemed to diminish to the point where I could finally focus. The tension in my shoulders began to melt away, the circles under my eyes started to diminish, and as funny as it sounds, my hair started to grow back…it came in gray…but it was coming back.

I began to look at things differently. I listened to my inner voice, believed in those gut feelings, and I followed my heart. All is well.

I am at peace. And the old soul living within me is smiling… 

Wishing you moments of quiet reflection,

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