Rules of the Road

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I think everyone needs to go back to driving school at least once a decade at a minimum. This should become a mandate to renew your license. I’m not asking for a road test or anything, just a basic refresher course to remind everyone the “Rules of the Road”.
Every time I get into my car and venture out onto the streets and highways, I put my life on the line and hope that that the rest of the drivers out there with me won’t run me over. The rudeness and blatant disrespect I witness on a daily basis is not right and I am getting a little tired of it. It doesn’t matter the time or even a particular day of the week, this girl is a little sick of being the whipping toy of many a driver in recent weeks and months. 
I don’t know about you but our local motorists don’t seem to know how to merge properly. I’ve had cars and trucks speed up and refuse to let me onto the highway. I’ve had big rigs run me into the shoulder. It’s rare these days when someone is kind enough to let me merge.
And this is not the only problem I’ve faced. Traffic in our area is increasing on what seems like a daily basis. Rush hour is madness; to leave work during that time to try and make an standing weekly appointment means I have to drive with my hands glued to the wheel and my shoulders hunched up to my ears. My nerves are usually shot by the time I get to where I need to go. Sadly, I have no choice but to suffer through this and hope that I make it to my destination without ending up in the ditch. 
Unfortunately, I have not always been so lucky and have, indeed, spun out on the highway or run into the ditch. All because someone doesn’t know how to break properly and is about to have an accident or cut me off. Most recently, I was practically run over not once…not twice…but three times…by the same vehicle! The third time, the driver just laughed and waved at me because he thought it was funny to cut me off within less than a inch of my life. The next time he does it, I am going to pull over, write his plates down and call the police. I’m done being nice!
Then there is the occasional driver that speeds up behind you and flashes his lights because he wants to pass you up. But when you don’t pull over, he whips around you and then cuts you off only to make an exit at the next off ramp. What he doesn’t know is that he burned up several gallons of fuel in the process to save a few seconds on his commute to wherever he was headed. 
And finally, there are those few, who insist on driving so fast that they put Mario Andretti to shame. It’s a good thing that I pay attention to everything around me because it’s usually not just a single driver but two or perhaps three who insist they can drive faster than anyone else on the road. But when I finally get to see their comeuppance, I am filled with delight as I pass up the “hot-rod(s)”  who were lucky enough to get pulled over for driving in excess of the speed limit. I just laugh and turn the radio up as I go sailing by at the speed limit. Pity they couldn’t take a lesson from me. I am going to go home, put my feet up and have a glass a wine. They, on the other hand, will be crying in their beer as they write the hefty check to pay the traffic fine.
Seriously people, the “Rules of the Road” are not complicated. Obey the traffic laws, and be courteous to your fellow drivers. If you follow these simple edicts, you’ll get home safely and so will everyone else on the road with you, including me.
Wishing you moments to drive safely!


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