Spring Cleaning…

The rains have stopped now. The birds are chirping, the flowers are starting to bud. I guess it is time for a bit of spring cleaning. That is the story in my world. We carry around so much stuff but do we really need it all? Probably not. My philosophy is if you haven’t used it, worn it or looked at it in a year, then it is probably time for it to go.

When you have a tiny home, you can’t have much…or so you’d think. I continue to marvel at how much I have stuffed into this tiny two pound box!

My spring cleaning has rubbed off on the other member of my family who lives here. My husband finally got into the mood and did a little spring cleaning too!

Now that the weekend is over…I feel good that I accomplished a little something. Although there is still a ways to go…even doing just a little bit makes a difference.

Until later,

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