Stress Reducer – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

As Day 3 of my Christmas in July Celebration comes to a close, I have decided that my gift for today is to share the fact that I am enjoying life more because I “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”. In the past, I let many, many little things get the best of me. However, now that I am older, wiser and have gone through the change, I have learned to shift my reactions to things so that my stress level is way down.

What is the Point?

stress at worriedDo you ever wonder why you work so hard and never seem to get anywhere? I did all the time. In my previous work lives there was always something that sent my stress level soaring. Believe me, it gets old. But sometime during this last year and a half I just let it all go. I think in my mind I asked myself, “What’s the point?” When I did not have a good answer, I realized that there is really nothing I can do about most situations.

Instead of getting all frustrated and angry, going with the flow seemed to make more sense. “Letting it go” helped to reduce the stress, and thereby lower the associated anxiety that this time of life was throwing at me. Too bad I did not do this over a decade ago when I was forcefully thrown into the change of life. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. 

Reduce Stress: Working Smarter, Not Harder

In my younger days, I placed a lot of pressure on myself to succeed, to put everyone else first, to be the best, to do the right thing, to make the most of every opportunity…okay you get the point. What I failed to realize is that after awhile, I really had nothing else left to prove. I sacrificed my personal life by putting it on hold for so long. Now that my second act is here, I am no longer willing to make those sacrifices anymore. While I don’t regret anything, I am glad that I have made a few changes in my life so that I can enjoy the rest of my life.

While I will always continue to be the best I can be, I do not believe I have to put my life on hold in order to do it. With all that work comes wisdom and the ability to understand how long it will take to do certain tasks. Today, I am working smarter, and not necessarily harder, and my stress level is way down.

Waking up every day, I know that I am living my #secondact and enjoying the fact that I am in complete control.  I  #embracethechanges that this new way of thinking has opened up for me. My personal well-being relies on the fact that I “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” anymore. It has become my new mantra, and I am feeling better every day!

stress holidayWhether it is Christmas in July or in December, or if you are in your first act or otherwise, by making small changes and letting things go, you too can reduce your stress and enjoy life more.


Wishing you moments to not sweat the small stuff!




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