A Sunday Drive

I remember when I was younger, I would get in the car with Mom and Dad on Sundays and go for a drive. Typically we would go and look a one of Dad’s jobs and then drive around the countryside with no particular destination. Sometimes I would bring a book to read, but most of the time, I would sit in the backseat and hope I wouldn’t get car sick.

My husband and I went for a Sunday drive. We really needed it too. This is Memorial Day weekend…three days off! Well, the first day of our lovely three day weekend was rained out. It was cold, wet and windy. Blah…

Our destination today was Petaluma, CA. We were in search of bread, cheese and cows. After a quick stop for gas, we noodled our way to downtown Petaluma to find Della Fattoria, our first find of the day. It is a small establishment and very crowded on this Sunday mid-morning. In search of bread, we made our way to the back and found a small selection of fresh made and very crusty looking breads. Selecting a baguette and a loaf, we paid and left. It was just too crowded for our taste.

We walked around the area for a bit and found another establishment called Petaluma Pies. Inside we found really tiny pies for way too much money and left.

After a quick pitstop, we headed to our car, and drove off through the historical area of Petaluma, looking at all the beautiful Victorian homes. Some were so fantastic,while others were in need of repair. One actually was being restored. After driving around a bit, we found the Petaluma Creamery and cheese.

My husband loves cheese curds and that is exactly what we came for. As for me…well, I found something I was looking for but never expected to find it at the Creamery…Snapple Pink Lemonade!!! Picked up two bottles, five pounds of curds, some Old World Portuguese Cheese and some organic butter. Spent quite alot of money but well worth it.

Afterwards, we headed out again to see if we could find Spring Hill Cheese’s farm. Found it…but wasn’t sure if it was open so kept on going to the coast. We weren’t that far by this point anyway. A few minutes later we were in Tomales and after a quick side trip to Nick’s Cove & Cottages (and a moment or two of car sickness…a word of warning…this part of Hwy 1 is really curvy), we were back on track to Bodega Bay and my favorite fish ‘n’ chips place. It was really crowded, but well worth it.

A hundred miles later and we were home with our treasures and a great memory of a Sunday Drive.

With love this Memorial Day Weekend,

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