Sunday Scribble – Happy Mother’s Day 2013


Mother’s Day comes once a year,
but one day is not enough.
Mindful to keep her very near,
and never, ever treat her like fluff.


Always there and never far,
holding hands and wiping  tears.
Watched us learn to drive that car,
biggest cheerleader through the years.


Breakfast in bed and macaroni jewel box
she loved every gift no matter made or bought.
Now she’d be happy with a card and some socks,
as long as we remember her like we aught.


Not an obligation to spend time with our Mothers,
she’s loved us without fail and beyond all measure.
It’s better than being alone if we had our druthers,
and love her so much ’cause she’s our greatest treasure.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms near and far!

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