BlogFEST 2012 – The Life of the Party

I grew up in a household where it was taught to be seen and not heard. I was not allowed to talk, ask questions or anything when we were in the company of others. Anytime we went somewhere, I just had to sit quietly and not interrupt the adults. I hated it, but I was trained to be a good kid; and trained well I was! I remember sitting around a lot and being bored whenever we’d go out to visit friends and relatives. I made up a lot of stories in my head to pass the time. I guess that is why I like to write these days…because all those stories are still in my head and I need to put them down on paper.
I rarely got into trouble…except for the one time I broke a glass at my mom’s niece’s house. What a disaster! It was Thanksgiving and I didn’t mean for it to happen. It was just an accident, but my parents were really mad at me. I thought I was going to get into so much trouble (like a whipping or something) that anytime anyone looked at me for the rest of the evening I cried. 
Finally, when I was old enough, my parents let me stay home. As such, I never really developed any social party skills. I guess that is why whenever I go to events or parties as an adult, I
just sit back and watch what happens since no one talks to me anyway. However, being seen and not heard does have it’s advantages! I developed my “reading” skills from a very young age. Since people rarely notice me because I am so quiet, I can pick out character types like nobody’s business! This actually comes in very handy these days when I have to go somewhere and write reviews on places I’ve been. No one suspects anything…because even though they see me…they don’t see me. 
I can’t recall any sleepovers but I do remember once telling the neighborhood girls I had never had a birthday party. Somehow they convinced my mom to let them throw me a birthday party at one of their homes. You have no idea how big a deal this was as my mom rarely let me out of the yard, let alone go over to anyone’s house. But since it was my birthday and it was summer, I suppose she felt sorry for me. The girls came over and somehow managed to talk me into going over to Lisa’s house. I really didn’t want to because I was afraid my mom would yell at me, or worse yet, ground me on my birthday. With great reluctance, I went over to see what they wanted and when I walked in the door, a bunch of the girls yelled “Happy Birthday!” and all I could do was hold my face in astonishment. There on the kitchen table was a cake and presents…all for me. Not a single friend had ever done anything so nice for me up until that point. I was so happy, I cried. The only bummer part is that I spent the entire time thinking I was going to be in so much trouble with my mom that I don’t think I really enjoyed myself very much.
I’d tell you about last year’s work holiday party, but I don’t want to bring that up again as it is another moment I’d like to forget. Suffice it to say, I spent most of my time holding up the wall with my husband and then ate dinner with a group of people who really didn’t want me at their table. I wasn’t going to go this year, but I think I am going to have to because one of the other girls in the department isn’t going. I so do not want a repeat of last year, but I guess I won’t have a choice in the matter. Maybe I will wear a mask and see if anyone notices πŸ™‚
So if you want the truth…I am definitely not the life of the party. I’d rather stay home, eat popcorn and watch a movie. I am a lot happier these days though…if I break a glass, I can always go out and buy a new one!

Wishing you moments “life of the party” moments!

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