The Repo Man comes to Walmart this Christmas Season

Most of my Christmas shopping was done online this year. It was far easier and saved me hours of headache and sour feet. Unfortunately, there are moments when I really have to go to the store…like today.
I’ve been shopping a Walmart for years. Now I know many of you might have issues with this place, but I don’t. I save thousands of dollars by purchasing items here that are available at other stores. It’s close to my home and it works for me.
When the economy was in the toilet, I saw a real change in the clientele shopping at Walmart. People with big fancy SUVs, cars and trucks started shopping here right along with the rest of us. All those years these people turned up their noses to this place and now they’re shopping at the same store they gave the big thumb to…I knew someday it would come around.
Today was that day.
The hubs and I went to Walmart to pick up a few things. Just a quick in and out…ummm, no. In any case, we split up and each got what we were after. While I was in line, my husband came to find me as he had already checked out and put his stuff in the car. He told me that he just saw someone’s really nice, expensive BMW getting repo’d in the parking lot.
Oh well…even the wealthy have bad days. I guess that’s why they were shopping at Walmart. They couldn’t afford their expensive car payments. I hope they didn’t mind waving goodbye to that fancy car ’cause it looks like the Repo Man is going to have a Very Merry Christmas this year!

Wishing you opportunities to savor the moments!

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