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In my administrative career spanning…well let’s just say I’ve been doing this a really long time, I’ve spent the better part of my days either on the phone or typing away on a computer keyboard. I don’t think you could call me a glorified receptionist, because I can do a whole lot more. I have to remind myself that I do have brain and I can write fairly well. While not perfect, I can catch my errors and I tend to agonize over ever…little…thing. It is quite annoying sometimes. I’ve been fairly successful in my career, done just about everything I’ve wanted to do, even become a writer with a few published columns.
So let’s take a look at some of the other jobs I’ve done in my career:
  • Office assistant for my family business
  • Fast food restaurant cashier…(twice!)
  • Clerk in an office supply store.
  • Computer sales person
  • Electronics store manager
  • Electronics store assistant manager
  • Administrative Assistant at a Corporate Conference Center
  • Shipping assistant (briefly) at a software company
  • Customer service specialist for online company
  • Administrative assistant for the local railroad that served a paper mill
  • Administrative assistant for the maintenance department of the paper mill
  • Administrative assistant for a contractor and two architectural firms
  • Administrative assistant for a graphics art company
  • Personal assistant for a wine writer
  • Office administrator for a wine logistics company
  • Office manager for a small family winery
  • HR coordinator/trainer
  • HR generalist – recruiter
No wonder I’m tired.
But you have to admit…the key to a successful career is diversity. And I have a lot of diversity! What holds me together now is that I get to do things that I really love…write, talk with people, and make observations (this is really helpful in my writing career.) Meanwhile, being able to figure out if someone is a good fit for a job I am trying to fill is a challenge. In the end, when I find that perfect person, it is definitely…music to my ears!
Wishing you moments to find your career path!

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7 thoughts on “The Writer’s Post Blog Hop #54 – Path to a Successful Career –

  1. Oh wow Susan, you sure have had diverse occupations and no doubt that has been the key to your current career and success. Life lines up the perfect circumstances for our future. I can see why you would do so well as a recruiter. Awesome.

  2. You've had a lot of interesting jobs!! You have a very diversified background πŸ™‚ So are you in HR now?

    I used to work in an HR department– oh the stories I could tell!! HA HA!! Cheers, Jenn

  3. Wow, you've held a lot of positions! I have too, and I used to say that each one I had and then moved on from helped me to define what I actually wanted to do. They also gave me great opportunities to meet people (which is handy when you're a writer developing characters!). Love your post!

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