The Little Things That Make Me Smile

It feels so nice to be back here on my blog. I feel like I have neglected you. Thank you for all my readers for your patience while I have sorted by life and re-evaluated my schedule. Here’s my little list of things that make me smile:

  1. A pair of warm feet on a cold night.
  2. Unexpected presents from my husband.
  3. Finishing a really great book.
  4. An afternoon of girl movies…uninterrupted.
  5. A glass of really good lemonade.
  6. A great meal that I didn’t have to prepare.
  7. An afternoon in my garden.
  8. Spending a lazy morning sitting in my Adirondack chair on my patio reading a book or magazine.
  9. Listening to a baby laugh.
  10. Softly falling snowflakes…as long as I don’t have to shovel it!
  11. When my husband does the dishes without me asking.
  12. Chocolate…enough said!

I’m sure I could think of a whole lot more to this list, but since it is late and I’ve been up for a long while, my mind is tired. This has been a great prompt and was a nice way to ease back into the blogging again.

Wishing you lots of smiling moments!

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