Traveling is a Tough Job

As I sit here and write this, my husband, back from his two-week business trip to Singapore, is downstairs sleeping on the couch. He is still recovering from his travel. Of course he says he doesn’t think he has jet lag, but  I would beg to differ.

Why do you ask?

On Monday this week while I got up and went off to work, he slepted in…until 11:00am. Since it was a regular work week for me, I woke up at my usual hour and tried to go to bed around 10:30pmish.

Yesterday morning, he came downstairs and promptly said to me, “I think I overshot time zones. I’m on Eastern Daylight Time instead of Pacific Daylight Time. ” Duh? He was awake around 3am yesterday, which would mean he was up with the New Yorkers! Of course that meant I was up with him too. Oh well…
So now, he is sleeping again and I am sure he will sleep off and on thru the holiday weekend. At least we don’t have any plans.
Below are some photos from his Singapore business trip. What a tough job!

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