TWW’s Book Review: Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride by Sandra Bricker

This is the second in a series of what I am affectionately calling “Always the (fill in the blank here),
Never the Bride” by Sandra D. Bricker. This time around we meet
Sherilyn Caine who has just landed the perfect fiance and the dream job
of a lifetime.

the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Deliriously Happy are on the way back to
Atlanta and Sherilyn is headed to The Tanglewood Inn to start her new
job. Good thing she is friends with Emma because she’s going to need her
as she settles into her new life and everything else that is about to
happen. Sherilyn is going to need a lot of help as she is about to have a
whole lot come crashing down in her lap. And I do mean “crashing” down
into her lap. (Note: This is a hint! 🙂 )

Bricker is learning to mix an eclectic set of characters and weave in
an interesting scenario to capture the reader’s and make them want to
read more and more. Take a newly happy couple, a set of sisters, and a
beautiful inn, add one new wedding planner, three wedding dresses, a
resigned future bride-to-be with an over-bearing and controlling
mother-in-law, and a quirky yet lovable dog that nobody wants. Mix in an
Actor who needs a wee bit of help with the bottle and you get Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride.

Bricker has done a marvelous job adding some very funny moments in the
story, while keeping others quite poignant. Again, remember this is a
Christian-based romance, so you won’t see a lot of the traditional
intimate “couple scenes”, but you do get a wonderful flavor for what it
is like to be a wedding by the added extras after each chapter. I really
enjoyed this part most of all. Makes the book seem more realistic and
for those reading it who really are planning their weddings, there are
some wonderful tips to follow. Rating:


Wishing you moments of great reading!

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