TWW’s Book Review: A Christmas Stamp (A Historical Christmas romantic short story) (O Little Town of Christmas Book 1) by Cynthia Hickey

A simple, sweet story about how a community comes together to create a postage stamp that represents their small town. Ms. Hickey does a great job representing what life was like in 1932 rural America.
I found it intriguing that we would see six characters whose lives would become intertwined by a simple mishap involving a bicycle. Can anyone say “Brilliant!” Lilly and Calvin, Lily’s mom and the local doctor and Calvin’s mom and the postmaster all seemed to have been succumb to unexpected love. 
This story is filled with lots of firsts:
1. Lilly and Calvin’s first jobs;
2. Noel’s first phone system;
3. Calvin and Lilly’s moms first love after their first husbands; and many more that I will let the reader’s spot.
Remembering that this is a short story about Noel, Missouri’s desire to create a Christmas stamp that will put the quaint town on the map, I felt that Lilly and Calvin’s story had plenty of time to develop, but I would have loved to see a bit more development of the other four characters. They all have wonderful personalities, but you only see a small hint of that in this 64 page turner. Overall, I loved the simplicity. A Christmas Stamp by Cynthia Hickey delivers on the holiday romance! Rating:

Wishing you moments of great reading!


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