TWW’s Book Review: Getting the Pretty Back by Molly Ringwald

Ok, I have to admit it…the pretty in pink girl can write and she has a lot of really good things to say! In a previous post I wrote, You Just Never Know…, I talked about where we find our inspiration. I found a whole bunch of inspiration throughout this entire book. It’s literally falling off the pages, so to speak.

What is surprising to me that someone like Ms. Ringwald would have anything of value to inspire me. I mean seriously here, she’s an actress and a mother. Two things that I am not. She has gobs more money than I do, so why should she be writing a book on how to “get the pretty back”. What could she possibly have to say that would make me listen, let alone want to read? 

Well…try this:

“Life seems particularly skilled at throwing distractions, obstacles, and outright roadblocks in our path. One of the hardest parts of dealing with the inevitable complexities of managing to pursue what inspires and fulfills us is that much of the time we get in our own way.” 

“Once you start living your life entirely for someone or something else – whether it’s familial, social, or professional responsibilities wholly motivating you – then you find yourself in a life that doesn’t seem to belong to you.”

And for those of you that are single…here’s a little something just for you on the “great aspects to being unattached” (from page 114 of  Getting the Pretty Back: Friendship, Family and Finding the Perfect Lipstick by Molly Ringwald):

  1. The ability to travel anytime, anywhere without having to sync up your schedule with anyone else’s.
  2. Not having to switch off holidays to be with “his” family or “your” family.
  3. Being in charge of the remote.
  4. Handing back the child (after he or she crashes from the sugar high).
  5. Flirting with whomever you choose.
  6. Psychic space.
  7. More talk about sex – less about real estate.
  8. Sanctionable selfishness.
  9. Making an “X” in the bed.
  10. Falling in love again.

And if this isn’t enough of a reason to read this book, then perhaps you’d like to read why on the fact that even though good friends can be really inspiring, there is “nothing quite so demoralizing as a bad friend.” Clearly, this is a book that all of us women, no matter the age, should be reading. Rating:

Wishing you moments of inspiring reading!

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