TWW’s Book Review: God Loves You. – Chester Blue by Suzanne Anderson

Miss Millie of Blossom, OH is faced with a dilemma. On a night so clear and bright, she looks up to the stars and prays for help. The next morning it arrives in the form of a little blue bear and his name is Chester Blue.

What follows is a story of how one little bear changes the lives of the people who need him the most. And he does this by simply showing up with suitcase in hand and being himself. However, there is something really important inside that suitcase. Nothing elaborate, just a needle and thread and a short message that says…God Loves You. – Chester Blue.

How amazing that such a simple message can transform lives!

Chester Blue in his wonderful way miraculously shows up where he is needed the most. Oh how I wish there had been a Chester Blue in my life…but amazingly enough, reading this book about this little bear actually turned my life around when I was feeling a little…well I was needing to refocus. So yes, even Chester Blue helped me too, because God does love me and he loves you too! 

This is a great story to share with everyone. I highly recommend this as a family read at the end of the day. Taken chapter by chapter, Gold Loves You. – Chester Blue by Suzanne Anderson offers a message of hope and faith. Rating: 

Wishing you moments of great reading!

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