TWW’s Book Review: Italian Christmas Baby by Helen Scott Taylor


Helen Scott Taylor certainly knows just how to pull on the heart strings and take the reader away from all the cares in the world. Italian Christmas Baby has all the right components anyone could ever ask for: Christmas, babies and holidays in exotic foreign countries. Who needs anything more?
Our heroine, Emily, shows us that there is nothing wrong with trying to be a single mom, but there is everything right about being with the one you love, even though that someone broke your heart. You could say that this story is about second chances, or perhaps just a little intervention from Mother Nature. Either way, Savino is one lucky guy who is about to have his eyes opened for the first time.
What a joy it is to have my faith renewed in reading again! I have read hundreds of books this last year and found most of them poorly written, dull, and frankly, not worth writing about. Helen Scott Taylor’s stories are sincere, heartwarming and capture the essence of what love and romance is all about. I’ll read and review her stories any day of the week!
For those readers who only have just a few hours in the evening or a lazy Sunday afternoon, pick up a copy of Italian Christmas Baby and immerse yourself in a read that will inspire you to believe that love really conquers all and babies make it that much sweeter! Rating:

Wishing you moments of great reading!

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